<h2 class='animated fadeInUp'>Welcome to Gandhi’s</h2><p class='animated fadeInDown'>Indian Restaurant and Takeaway in Kennington</p><h2 class='animated fadeInUp'>Unrivalled flavours of Indian and Bangladeshi Cuisine</h2><p class='animated fadeInDown'>Since 1982</p>
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Best Indian Restaurant & Takeaway in Kennington, London

Local Indian Restaurant & Takeaway in Kennington, London SE11 serving near Vauxhall SE1, Rotherhithe SE16, Newington SE17, Camberwell SE5 & Brixton SW9

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Gandhis was the very first Indian restaurant on Kennington Road opening its doors in 1982, a pioneer of Indian cuisine and has since proudly been owned and run by the same family. The philosophy was simple then and still is today; to serve food prepared in the best Indian traditions from a menu that reflects the great regional diversity of Indian cuisine.

The chefs at Gandhis take pride to have maintained a classic Indian menu based on the most traditional recipes from India, whilst understanding the contemporary demands of finely tuned tastes of the 21st century.

At Gandhis our chefs have always been passionate about ingredients, understanding that the best flavours can only be achieved from the freshest ingredients and spices. Therefore the ethos is simple; at Gandhis only the finest ingredients come in and the spices are freshly ground on a daily basis.

Since opening in 1982, Gandhis has built up a loyal following in the local community and built a reputation for exceptional service and mouth-watering food.

Over the past 35+ years Gandhis has also catered for numerous distinguished guests, including celebrities, television personalities and situated a mile from The House of Commons Gandhis has been a firm favourite with politicians.

Our first-class customer service, comfortable and modern décor create the unrivalled ambiance for the perfect Indian dining experience without being pretentious, ensuring that all have the opportunity to enjoy the Gandhis experience.

Indian Restaurant and Takeaway Gandhi's SE11

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Indian Restaurant and Takeaway Gandhi's SE11

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