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Gandhi's Restaurant specialises in serving food prepared in the best Indian traditions from a menu that reflects the great regional diversity of Indian cuisine.


Since its opening in 1982 Gandhi's has built up a loyal following in the local community and beyond and has become a byword for finest traditional Indian cuisine.




This was recognised in the prestigious National Curry Awards 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2010 where Ghandi's was voted by both customers and eminent food critics one of the top 100 Indian Restaurants in Great Britain and one of the top 15 in London.



“Excellent hospitality, food and company”
- John Reid, M.P. Home Secretary

“A consistently high standard of cooking and service”
- Jack Straw, M.P. Leader of the House

“Top Grub!”
- Paul Ross

“Amazing food! So glad we have found a good regular Indian!”
- Claire Sweeney

“Excellent service and hospitality”
- Gordon Brown, M.P. Chancellor of the Exchequer

“An Excellent Meal”
- Alastair Darling, Minister for Trade & Industry

“Wonderful as always”
- Paddy Ashdown, Former leader of the Liberal Democrats

“Loverly luvverly grub!”
- Richard & Judy

“A first rate Indian Restaurant. Writing about them makes my mouth water”
- Home & Garden

“Best Indian Restaurant south of the river”
South London press

“Gandhi’s Restaurant Kennington Road, my favourite Indian Restaurant. Excellent food & service”
- John Major, Former Prime Minister

“Gandhi’s Restaurant has the best reputation for Indian cuisine”
- The Observer

“The door of Gandhi’s Restaurant Kennington Road, London, crashed open to reveal the familiar portly figure of one Clarke-K. together with 40 friends and supporters, among them were Stephen Dorrell, Michael Mates & Ann widdecombe”
- The Daily Telegraph

“Mr. Clarke cheered himself by heading currywards, he took his mob to Kennington Road Gandhi’s for mouth burning baltis and flagons of lager”
- The Times

“Former the Commons-London’s finest restaurant are where the political scheming takes place, as a former Labour minister reveals the plot thickens (Gandhi’s one of the favourite)”
- by Gerald Kaufman, Evening standard, 13.09.06

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